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Developmental – Behavioural Assessments

We use a variety of validated assessments such as

=> Griffith’s developmental assessment for developmental delays,

=> Vineland adaptive behaviour scale for adaptive function,

=> Brief Kaufman Test for Educational Assessment (Brief-KTEA),

for learning problems.

Our Psychologists also use speciality specific validated allied health assessments. We use the Social Responsiveness Scale Second Edition (SRS-2), an assessment tool for individuals to help identify developmental difficulties and social skills deficits.

Child Developmental – Behavioural Services

Besides providing general Paediatric services, we are a group of clinicians, who can provide comprehensive assessment and management for your child presenting with the following problems:

=> Suspected Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders.
=> Other neurodevelopmental disorders such as developmental coordination disorders (DCD), sensory processing and affect regulation issues, clumsy gait.
=> Speech and language disorders including speech disorders, delays, voice disorders and stuttering.
=> Learning disorders, suspected intellectual disability, anxiety, and many other challenging behaviours.
=> Out-of-Home-Care children and those presenting with behavioural problems in the context of social vulnerabilities.

Documents to carry to my appointment

=> Referral letter from your GP.
=> Relevant scans and X-rays.
=> Test results (hearing tests, blood tests etc.)
=> Medicare card, DVA card, Pension Card.
=> Private Hospital Insurance details.

Useful Websites

Parents should refer to below useful websites:

The Australian parenting website.

Early Childhood Early Intervention – NDIS.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): “Learn the Signs. Act Early”

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